Private Coaching

Alex Boling


15-minute sessions available - Zoom/Skype only

30 minutes - $75
45 minutes - $95
60 minutes - $125

​​Basic Rates:

"Alex always creates a space that inspires my best work.  His precise, creative insights and his gentle, yet direct coaching have led to bookings in L.A. and around the country!" 

Carrie Gibson

"Alex Boling knows how to pull the artistry and emotion out of you without getting too theoretical or heady about it, while creating a nurturing environment in which to do so. He is able to use his vast knowledge and variety of techniques to make you alive and able to pop on camera and convey a human being. He works with what you bring to the table and elevates it. A coach who strives to see his actors improve and grow."      Rishi Jaiswal